Woven Juice Bag Coin Purse

Vendor: Kilus
Type: Bags

What started as an effort to clean up the streets in Pasig, Philippines resulted in a great looking product that is fun, functional, and environmentally responsible. Used and sanitized juice bags have been woven to create this coin purse. Not only have millions of juice bags been kept off the streets and out of landfills, 500 jobs for women have been created. Visit The Kilus Foundation to learn more.

5” x 3.75”

Why we love it:
1. A great starter gift for the budding environmentalist. See…you can recycle anything!
2. Totally usable. We don’t only use it for coins, we use it as a mini-wallet to carry our cash and cards when our ‘real’ wallet is just too big.
3. A great re-use item that has created jobs for women…need we say more?