Tropical Living

Vendor: Tuttle Publishing
Type: Book

Start with a warm tropical climate. Add an abundance of exotic natural building material. And then let the cross currents of Asian design and aesthetics create a rich architectural alchemy of its own. The result? The exquisite homes in the Philippines, a perfect balance of form and functionality. Tropical Living explores this dynamic experiment with breathtaking photography and a fascinating text.

Tropical Living examines diverse residential design styles in both the city and in the countryside, in mountains and at the sea. From a classic old-world penthouse in the Malate area to an Asian-fusion villa on Batangas Bay, over thirty private homes are showcased and captured in color photographs taken by noted photographer, Andrew Chester Ong. Featuring an introduction by anthropology professor, Fernando Nakpil Zialcita, this book is a feast for lovers of Southeast Asia and anyone interested in design concepts from this fascinating and under-represented corner of the world.

By: Elizabeth V. Reyes
Photography by: A. Chester Ong

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