Tropical Interiors

Vendor: Tuttle Publishing
Type: Book

With over 250 beautiful color photographs taken in more than 30 private homes, Tropical Interiors shows that Filipino design has become a global phenomenon. The Philippines is home to a new generation of craftsmen who work in all areas of design. Their specialty is taking the indigenous materials of the country—pina, abaca, capiz shell, bamboo, rattan, plus other—to produce contemporary items that work as well in a New York loft as on a tropical verandah. They harness Asian-and Latin-inspired styles to modern techniques, producing a cornucopia of fine contemporary furniture and authentic decorative items. The metropolitan and rural homes in Tropical Interiors, many which have never photographed before, are beautifully accented with these contemporary Philippine designs.

By: Elizabeth V. Reyes
Photography by: A. Chester Ong