The Angel Hair Collection

Vendor: Duo Design
Type: Tabletop
sold out!

Aah…our most popular houseware piece. Sinamay threads molded perfectly into elegantly organic pieces. This sturdy set is perfect for displaying plants or other household decoratives. Made of quickly renewable fibers from the abaca plant so this set will make you look good and feel good.
Planter Base: 5.75”, Opening: 4”, Height: 6”
Boat length: 20.25”, Width: 3.25”, Height: 4”
Jar Base: 2.25”, Height: 6.5”, Opening: 2”

These pieces are all handmade so expect some slight variation in size. (We think this makes it even that more precious!)

Buy it as a set (at a discount) or by the piece.
Angel Hair Boat, $20
Angel Hair Planter, $15
Angel Hair Jar, $12

The Angel Hair Collection set is on back order and will ship mid-May. We apologize for the delay but can assure you it’s worth the wait!

The Angel Hair Boat, Angel Hair Planter, and Angel Hair Pot are available for individual sale and ready to ship.