SALE: East Any Meal Tray

Vendor: Duo Design
Type: Tabletop

Summer equals outdoor parties! Spruce up your barbecue with the East Tray. The East Tray is the perfect barbecue/outdoor cocktail party accessory. No soggy paper plates on laps with these beauties! The East Tray lifts plates to just the right level as you dine on that patio chair. The plate and glass (included) fit snugly into perfectly cut holes in the tray so they won’t slide around as you mingle or go for seconds. 

Great indoors too for the occasional meal while sitting on the couch.


Plate, sauce dish, and glass included. Bowl not included.

In chocolate brown or pistachio green abaca twine [12″ × 10″ × 2″].

Why we love it:
1. Finally, a practical tray! Sits perfectly on your lap and keeps the dishes in place.
2. Not only functional, it looks SO good.
3. Small enough to stow away easily.
4. A unique gift idea for someone who seems to have all the latest and greatest.

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