Mallorca Boat Basket

Vendor: RanBros
Type: basket

We're feeling the orange these days. Maybe it's fall and the warm colors around us. Or maybe it's the power that comes from the light it brings.

These nesting baskets are pretty. And warm. They add light as you decorate your table with fruit or decorative spheres.

Rustic Filipino with a stylishly handcrafted fare. Crafted from the Abaca plant, a quickly growing (and highly renewable) plant from the Philippines. Also known as Manila Hemp, often used to make strong rope. Nesting set of two. In olive, natural, or orange. [12.5” x 9” x 4”]

Why we love it:
1. timeless and fits in any home
2. it holds our dinner table essentials (napkins, silverware, etc…) just perfectly
3. yet another product using highly renewable resources


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