East Any Meal Tray

Vendor: Duo Design
Type: Tabletop

An MNLSTYLE favorite. Clean, modern design with a warm touch. This try sits perfectly on your lap and includes the plate, saucer, and glass! A nice touch to the dinner table. It will work for you. Breakfast in bed, perhaps?

This piece can't help but give you a peak into Spring. We've just entered winter, but this fun try can't help but liven up the energy in your home.

Plate, saucer, and glass included. In chocolate brown or pistachio green abaca twine [12” x 10” x 2”].

Why we love it:
1. Finally, a practical TV tray! Sits perfectly on your lap and keeps the dishes in place.
2. Not only functional, it looks SO good.
3. Small enough to stow away easily.
4. A unique gift idea for someone who seems to have all the latest and greatest.

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