I’m pretty excited. It’s catching on. Skip both paper and plastic and bring your own bag. Not just because MNLSTYLE.com can sell more recycled juice pouch bags (not that that’s a bad thing!), but I’m happy that this message is finally hitting home and influencing America. Some say
it’s not resonating with Americans fast enough or enough at all, but we need to start somewhere.
It really clicked with me when we moved to the Netherlands and had to give Albert Heijn (local grocery chain) 25 cents each time we needed a plastic bag. Free bags, double bags, paper in plastic bagging don’t make sense. There is a cost to the grocer and there is definitely a cost to our environment each time paper or plastic bags are produced and discarded. Unfortunately, like many of the things we consume, the true life cycle cost is not reflected in the price.

Ikea has brought this practice to the States forcing people to make do without bags or buy reusable bags. Whole Foods is phasing out plastic, but I’d love to see them lead the pack and start charging for bags to help drive the message home. And, of course, there’s San Francisco’s ban on plastic bags. Pretty big move with admirable intentions, but I would have preferred a more free market alternative with businesses telling its customers to pay up for bags. But…still a move in the right direction.
Are you pumped? Looks like we’re finally making the move to reusable. Don’t care much about the environment? Then I can give you these two benefits:
1) Express yourself with a cool reusable bag.
2) One less thing to have to organize at home. Don’t need to worry about where to store the piles or plastic bags for reuse. Don’t need to worry about where to recycle. Just keep a couple of reusable bags and you’re done. Pretty cool.