I hope you’ll join me for dinner and a movie on Friday, April 25th. The Moonrise Film Festival is returning to Portland this year to showcase Filipino documentaries highlighting environmental and social issues in the Philippines. We’re thrilled that the FilmFest is back this year – Portland is the only US city to hold the event.

  • Friday, April 25th at 6pm: Filipino dinner followed by Batad, a full-length feature film. $25/person, $40/couple, $60/family
  • Saturday, April 26th: 4pm matinee and 7pm showings of award winning Lawa ng Bae plus 3 short films
  • All proceeds will benefit the delivery of potable water, watershed restoration, and renewable energy based electricity and lighting in rural agrarian villages throughout the Philippines with the help of Green Empowerment.
  • Learn more and buy tickets by visiting GreenEmpowerment.org. You can also buy tickets at the door: Holladay Park Plaza, 1300 NE 16th Ave, Portland, OR.