I love my kids. Of course. Who doesn't? But one of the things I cannot do with them and that I feel NO GUILT about is crafting. I could barely get myself to participate in this year's pumpkin decorating. Carving? You want to play with a knife and pull out wet seeds from a pumpkin in my house? No, thank you. Take this pen and draw a face. Okay, I'll pull out the paint for you.

But when I come across cute craft areas for kids like in this Apartment Therapy bit on An Inspiring Kids' Activity Center, I think that maybe I should become a crafty mama. I could use products from MNLSTYLE like the Angel Hair Jar to hold pencils and markers or the Lily Lace Storage Box for glue, tape, and...what else do you need for a crafting area? 

Stay tuned. Crafting may enter our home one day.